Honeymoon Pictures

Nate and I had a fabulously relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable honeymoon. We didn’t take as many pictures as we had planned to, but we do have a few to share.

In Las Vegas, it was fun to play tourist. For those of you who don’t know, I went to high school in Vegas, so I know my way around the place, although I still haven’t been to most of the attractions on the Strip. The one place, however, that I always make it a point to visit when I’m in Vegas is the Bellagio fountains (with a little jaunt inside for the most luscious strawberry gelato ever made). We didn’t even have a real camera with us, so these are just (really) crappy cell phone pictures, but here’s a little glimpse:

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After a short stop in Vegas, we headed south to San Diego. On our one week anniversary, we went to the San Diego temple, and this time we brought the real camera. We took turns taking pictures for a while – now we don’t even remember who shot what picture for the most part! Here’s a little sampling:

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Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of the beautiful, brand new condo we stayed in courtesy of our wonderful real estate agent, Brett Bezzant. Or of the beach. Or of anything else for that matter. I just hope that the memories of our perfect honeymoon will always remain with us.

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  1. Mom says:

    It’s great to see what you do have. A thought for you though… maybe record everything you want to remember in a journal…that might help especially since you have it fresh in your mind and can add the emotion of the day to it. :) I have many journals that I have kept through the years…. :)Won’t let anyone read them until I’m gone…but… still have them!! hahah!!

    Love you!

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