The Bouquet

When I was in school studying photography, I learned how to do Polaroid SX-70 manipulations, which is where you take a Polaroid picture and while the emulsion is still soft and not all the way developed, you manipulate it with various tools to create an image that looks kind of like an impressionist painting. I think they are really beautiful, and I always knew I wanted to have some SX-70’s of my own wedding. Unfortunately, a few years back, Polaroid stopped making SX-70 film. I ended up being able to find some on ebay – one pack of 10 pictures – for a price that was probably too high, but that I was nevertheless willing to pay because it was the only way to get my polaroids. I intended to hand the camera off to my photographer on the wedding day, but never did. Then we took it with us on our honeymoon and accidentally left it out in the car in 90 degree Las Vegas weather (hot car = cooked film = very bad). But I still hoped against hope that I would be able to get the pictures I had envisioned for so many years during the reception.

So pretty much everyone who knows me knows I have a hard time being on time, but I was determined to be on time for the reception. I was also determined to get all of the flowers and decorations done and to take pictures of the flowers and all the lovely details (including those polaroids) before the reception started. So I spent about 10 hours on Thursday and Friday getting all of the flowers ready, and another 5 or 6 on Saturday finishing up. But by the time 6:00 pm on Saturday hit (one hour before the reception), I knew I wasn’t going to be able to be the florist, the photographer, and the bride all at the same time. So I went and got ready as quickly as I could, and barely managed to throw a wrap on my bouquet and pin on Nate’s bouttonniere before he pulled me out the door at 7:03. Of course, there were already several people there waiting for us. Such is my life.

By the time there was a break in the line and I grabbed two of my dear friends (who also happen to be photographers) and asked if they would help me take the Polaroids, the light was fading fast. So we took one polaroid – too dark. The next morning, I set the bouquet against the backdrop of our awesome green kitchen wall and took 2 more polaroids. But with the film in the compromised condition that it was, manipulations just weren’t possible. So I’ve had to settle for the “vintage look” of these, color casts and all. Not exactly what I was going for, but they’ve kind of grown on me over the past week and a half. Here they are:

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Just for comparison’s sake, here’s an sx-70 I took a few years back:

We cannot display this gallery

As a side note, we’re still waiting (I’m dying here!!!) to see our wedding pictures. He said it would take about 6 weeks, which puts us just one more week away. Hopefully it won’t be any longer than that. We’ll post the link here as soon as we get it. :)

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  1. Mom says:


    I LOVE the look of the first picture!! It’s so beautiful!! You are so talented!!

    I hope all is going well! I look forward to seeing the wedding pictures, too.

    I can’t believe it’s already been almost 6 weeks!! :)

    Love you!

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