Wedding Pictures!!!!

So after what seemed like eons, we finally get to see our wedding pictures! The proofs are posted on our photographer Duston Todd’s website if you’d like to see all 354 of them. :) You can even order copies for yourself directly through that website. Anyway, here are a few of the best.

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  1. melissa says:

    I finally sat down to read the blog. I love that you both can write on it. Maren, you chose well. I am so delighted that you two have each other! Every time I tell someone about your dance, I tear up. I love how you two are so good to each other. You are both super talented. Scary what you could accomplish.
    I promise if I ever leave a comment, it will be fragmented and will not make much sense.

  2. Hi Maren,

    I stumbled into David Perry’s Website awhile back, possibly through Dunston Todd’s blog (I’m a big fan, you chose not just your partner well, but your vendors too!) and absolutely fell in love with no just David’s filmography of your day, but of your wedding itsself. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched your wedding video at this point! It’s absolutely beautiful, peaceful and romantic. It makes me happy everytime I watch it. The color scheme is so wonderful, I can’t help but say you have excellent taste- because it’s true! I also just caught on to the fact that you were married at the Draper Temple- this California girl has actually been there! I was able to go through Draper’s open house last year and thought what a beautiful structure it was. It was snowing when I was there, and covered in tents, so it was nice to see the building on a sunny day too. :) It is also very neat for me to be able to say that I have seen the sealing rooms in Draper, because this is the first time I can say that I can picture what your ceremony must have been like there! I love those rooms… I hope I get to see more some day! (I am not a member, but I do love the temple- I can’t help it!)

    Anyway, I suppose that is enough prattling on for one comment, LOL. I am linking up your wedding video on my blog (I’m a wedding photographer) so I wanted to let you know. The reason I’m posting it, beyond my obsession of course :), is because I am debating about purchasing the camera David Perry used, and am calling out to my readers for feedback. I needed an example to show them, and there could not be a better one! :)

  3. Oh! Also, I forgot to say, your wedding dress is almost precisely what I have designed for my own wedding. I LOVE the (box?) pleating. The embroidery with your names and date is super cute as well. I am going to peak through your blog ehre and see if I can find more information about your dress, but if it isn’t there, feel free to share with me via my blog or something too! :)

  4. Lucinéia & William Antunes says:

    Well…. we’re so glad to see that you were blessed with a wonderful wedding.
    We really desire that The Heavily Father bless yours life with a lot of joy…
    we hope soon to see children bringing more love to this family, will be great…
    and, when you’ll go to Brazil, we are opened to receive, ok !!!
    Lucineia & William

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